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The career space is full of charlatans and hucksters, Martin Yate CPC is the real thing: N.Y. Times bestseller, author of 17 career management books; collectively published in 62 languages and endorsed by almost every major media outlet in the world. The STEP AHEAD TO SUCCESS WITH KNOCK EM DEAD online workshops are valued at $449 but they’re FREE when you order Knock Em Dead 2017 – The Ultimate Job Search Guide; you’ll use the book’s 385 pages as a reference guide as you make this four-part career changing journey with Martin. Offer is only good till the end of March.

You’ll find Martin has encyclopedic wisdom, is practical, in your head and in your face, cutting-edge and damn funny too. He’s spent his 30+ year career creating and refining strategies for success in the very areas that cause you grief.

Professional life is insecure, the old rules don’t work anymore and there is so much bad advice around you don’t know what to believe. When you take the STEP AHEAD WITH KNOCK EM DEAD workshop course, you will leave self-doubt and uncertainty behind.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed and directionless you will possess a new sense of self-worth, direction and the power to transform your professional life, That’s why he is the most influential in the career management universe.

You can free yourself from the blocks that are disrupting your plans for a successful professional life, and connect with the power to manifest the life you want to live. You deserve a life lived on your terms, Martin and the STEP AHEAD TO SUCCESS WITH KNOCK EM DEAD WORKSHOPS.

Will show you how to bring your unique dreams to life.

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In Martin’s latest book, Knock Em Dead 2017 – The Ultimate Job Search Guide, the New York Times bestseller teaches you how to turn critical professional weaknesses (how to get interviews and then turn them into job offers) into strong skills you’ll use throughout your career. It’s knowledge that will help you get back on track, stay on track and take control of your career destiny, because revolutionary career management wisdom is woven in throughout the book.

You get 385 pages of practical job search and career advice that will change your life forever.

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  • 3 one hour workshops (with Q&A) covering:
  • Free resume review
  • Resumes – when your resume works you work
  • Network integrated job search – quadruple your interviews
  • Interviews to offers – how to turn interviews to offers

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About Knock Em Dead


The workshops are packed with real-life stories of how these tools change lives. You can replay any workshop at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home and at any time you want for a full year. And when you land that next step on your career success path let Martin know and he’ll send you the eBook Step Ahead – How To Start Smart & Win Promotions, with this book you’ll learn how to get off on the right foot, make a fast start, build relations with influential players and pursue a promotion in ways that deliver your goals.
You will re-invent the professional you and move forward in life with a new-found confidence. You will find practical advice on every page that you can put to work today to improve your success and financial stability for the rest of your career.

Most importantly, you will learn what it really takes to get job interviews and then turn them into job offers, and you’ll learn how to get not just one but multiple job offers. You’ll shift from fear and insecurity to confidence and a sense of now having the power to control the trajectory of your career and economic security in an uncertain world.

As you read and follow this path, you’ll experience a surge of energy and your confidence building from deep inside. You’ll recognize that you have cracked the code and can change the stuttering insecurity that dogs most professional careers. You’ll find strength when you are down, and with it will come the motivation to make change happen in all areas of your life. Follow the cutting-edge secrets developed by Martin in this book and unleash the power for transformation with which you will be empowered.

Over the years Martin has been on just about every major U.S. TV talk show and network plus over 2500 radio shows around the world and endorsed by all the major business media:

Dunn & Bradstreet
“He’s about the best in the business.”

“Comprehensive, fast-paced & upbeat.”

USA Today
“Great advice.”

LA Times
“Quality advice pays…one of the most valuable career books.”

Science Daily
“First, middle and last word for job seekers.”

Financial Times
“Best book on job hunting”

Library Journal
“Required reading”

U.S. News

Wall Street Journal
“One of the most revered authors in the career space”

“Excellent on how to answer potential clangers.”

Martin’s books sets a standard for clear and effective advice. For more on Martin’s work, visit for a deep well of free career wisdom plus books, custom resume and personal coaching services.

His work, published collectively in 62 languages and updated regularly in 83 editions includes:

Knock Em Dead – Resumes
Knock Em Dead – Cover letters
Knock Em Dead – Job Search Letters & Templates
Knock Em Dead – Resumes and templates
Knock Em Dead – Job Interview
Knock Em Dead – Networking
Knock Em Dead – Breaking into Management
Knock Em Dead – Professional Communication
Knock Em Dead – Hiring The Best

And more…
Plus the forthcoming
Step Ahead – Fighting Age Discrimination in Your Job Search
Step Ahead – Mission Transition
Step Ahead – The New Career Management