When The Job Offers Come, Which Is The Right Job For You?

When The Job Offers Come, Which Is The Right Job For You?

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Unlikely as it may seem right now, those first job offers will come along, and you need to be ready with some serious questions before deciding to sign over most of your waking hours to an employer. 

Money is the least of your concerns, it’s important of course, but getting your career off to a good start with the right opportunity is more important than starting salary.
 How long has the job been open? As my colleague and career expert Carl Nielson says,”Your first job is a pivotal point that affects your whole life going forward, it will impact the type of job you qualify for next as you begin to climb the ladder of success.” Especially with your first job, you shouldn’t ever make a decision based purely on salary without careful consideration of other factors. Here are some questions that will help you think through the potential of different opportunities.

The Job and Its Potential 

  • What is she doing now? Promoted, fired, or quit? 
  • How long was s/he in that job?
  • How many people have held this job? Where are they now? 
  • How often have people been promoted from this position – how many, and where to? 
  • Who in the company was in this position the shortest length of time? Why? Who has remained in this position the longest? Why? 

Can You succeed?

  • What does it take to succeed in this job?
  • Who fails in this job and why? 
  • What personality traits do you consider critical to success in this job? 
  • What kind of training does the company provide/encourage/support? 
  • Why did you choose to work here? 
  • Tell me about your management style. 
  • How frequent are performance and salary reviews? 
  • How are outstanding employees recognized, judged, and rewarded? 
  • What does the department hope to achieve in the next two to three years?
  • What will you want me to have achieved 30/60/90 days from now?
Corporate Culture

  • What advice can you give me about fitting into the corporate culture? 
  • What advice can you give me about understanding the way you do things here? 
  • What do you see as the company’s mission? How does the department support this? 
  • What is the best thing you know about this company? 
  • What is the worst thing you know about this company? 
  • What are the accepted channels of communication?
  • Will I be encouraged to learn about the company beyond my own department? 

Company Growth and Direction 

  •  What expansion is planned for this department, division, or facility? 
  •  When we lose a deal, why and to whom? 
  •  What markets does the company anticipate developing? 
  •  Does the company have plans for mergers or acquisitions?
  •  What new endeavors is the company actively pursuing? 
  •  What  layoffs have you experienced in the last three years? 
  •  What  layoffs do you anticipate?  
  •  Is this department a profit center? How does that affect remuneration? 
As much as you want to get your career started, getting it started right is more desirable than getting it started this minute with a company that will hold you back in the long run. You can find more questions to evaluate jobs and for negotiation strategy in  Knock Em Dead – Secrets & Strategies For First-Time Job Seekers plus advice on how to start on the right foot, make the job secure and win promotions.

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