What is the correct way to identify an employer on your resume if they have changed their name since you worked for them?

Martin Yate CPC
NY Times Best Seller
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Whenever possible you should identify employers name changes on your resume. From the standpoint of honesty you need to give the name of the company you actually worked for.  However, as one of those companies is going to be more visible and because recruiters sometimes search databases by company names, having both names can give you greater visibility. Having both names listed will also help reference checkers locate employment records.

Reading resumes causes brain damage, so no one likes to read them. The more visually accessible your resume is, the better it will perform for you. For example you might handle a corporate name change this way:  
            New Science Associates (company was purchased by Gartner)

Or you could encourage greater visual accessibility, by editing out every word that you don’t strictly need. Look at how we can the reduce word count that identifies a company name change without losing clarity:

            New Science Associates (company was purchased by Gartner)


            New Science Associates  (purchased by Gartner)

And finally:

            New Science Associates (formally Gartner)

By editing you can reduce word count, in this instance from eight words to five words. But why is saving three words, or a dozen letters, a big deal?

Studies show that the initial resume scan lasts barely six seconds. So the more visually accessible your resume, the more likely that recruiters will register the meat of what you have to sell.

If you can save three words, or even one word on every line of your resume, the result will be more white space and therefore a resume that is more easily accessible to the eye.
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