What Independence Day Means to Me

On July 4th  we celebrate freedom from oppression, respect for the beliefs of others and a fair deal for all, because we are the only nation on earth that promises and largely delivers on these promises.

opportunity.knockemdeadWe have the best standard of living in the world, and we are the world’s #1 tourist destination.

Why are these things important? Because America offers the world’s greatest opportunity to live a meaningful and rewarding life.

Every person in every other country on earth has dreamed of one day coming to America, where they can make their dreams come true.

My proof? I am one of those immigrants and I grew up with those dreams, I know the immigrant communities and I offer these countless news stories telling the story with a sadder ending: dreamers of a better life in America die locked in containers on trucks and in ships, they die walking across deserts and they drown when their boats capsize.

The draw of America is almost unfathomable to people lucky enough to be born here, because native-born Americans only know this wonderful land of milk and honey and opportunity. Those born here largely have no notion of just how good we have it compared to everyone else on the planet.

In America, unlike any other country on earth, we have permission, we have the right and we have the encouragement to invent ourselves and to become who and what we want to be, and subsequently to re-invent ourselves as our needs and circumstances change.

This why it is sometimes said that while America is a country, it is also very much a state of mind. I am an American, and at the heart of being American are the words: “I CAN“. God bless America and the opportunity it offers to us all to strive for our dreams and perhaps to bring more than a few of them to life. This is our life, let’s make it shine, honoring the people and events that made this dream possible.





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