Tips from Knock ’em Dead Secrets & Strategies

The most important book Martin has written in twenty-five years. Secrets & Strategies for Success achieves the completely unexpected by weaving everything you need to know about navigating the twists and turns of a successful career into the latest cutting-edge strategies for job search and turning job interviews into job offers.

Throughout the book you learn to apply invaluable lessons to make your professional life more successful and more secure.

1. Forget everything you know about finding a job and managing your career.  You need a revolutionary career management plan for a world where job security is a thing of the past. Learn new strategies for writing resumes, finding jobs and turning interviews into job offers. Uncover the secrets of job security and proven strategies for winning raises and promotions, how to choose and change careers and even how to bring your entrepreneurial dreams to life.

2. Live up to your dreams. Most people live up to their income and watching their lives whiz by on the television screen, only see their dreams in a rear view mirror as things that might have been. You can make your dreams come true when you pull them out from under the bed and integrate them into the Secrets & Strategies career success plan.

3. Take control of your life and change its trajectory. With Secrets & Strategies, you have everything you need to take control of your job search, career, and life. Everyday steal 30 minutes from your TV sitcom schedule and become involved in life as an active participant. With a plan of attack even this minimal amount of time will pay off, in earnings, security, and in work/life satisfaction.

4. Change is constant. We change jobs about every four years and do so over what is typically a half-century worklife. Obviously with change always on the horizon in your professional life, the skills that will most insure your security and success are the skills of job search and career management. No one ever taught you these skills; you have to take personal responsibility for their acquisition, Secrets & Strategies shows you how.

5. Enlightened self-interest is the key to long-term security and success. With enlightened self-interest you give all the effort and goodwill a company expects, and which encourages job security and professional growth. In return you will reap life-changing benefits when your new POV enables you to simultaneously invest almost everything you do for the company into bringing your own goals and dreams to life.

6. Think of yourself as MeInc. Stop thinking of yourself as a dweeb who needs a job, and start thinking of yourself as a financial entity that must survive over a half century. By thinking of yourself as a small company, you learn how to organize your life for success, instituting goal-setting, accountability, strategic planning, financial management, and marketing programs… you give yourself a framework for success.

7. Build off of the advice of industry experts and mentors. Secrets & Strategies includes comprehensive advice from Yates’ senior recruitment expert panel, reflecting a deep understanding of the world of work, and with a unique approach, brings conflicting career desires into a coherent plan. Almost every page carries an expanded dialog on key career success and job search issues.

8. Invest yourself in personal success. With a practical plan for success and personal fulfillment, everyday you wake up on the right side of the grass you have another 24 hours to make your dreams come true. And with Secrets & Strategies as part of your approach to success, whatever you do for an employer today, will increase your job security and employability and have equal value in bringing your personal dreams for success to life.

9. Lots of books tell you to pursue your dreams; Secrets & Strategies tells you exactly how to do it. “One of the most influential authors in the career space: Martin Yate’s Knock ‘em Dead: Secrets & Strategies for Success in an Uncertain World is the career book of the year. Bet on yourself — read it.” Tribune Media Services

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