The Wrong Approach to Job Interviews

The Wrong Approach to Job Interviews

Headhunters and hiring managers say that many candidates think interviews are about deciding whether they want the job, and that often the only questions asked are about salary, vacation, and benefits. You don’t go to a job interview to decide if you want the job, because you have nothing to decide until an offer is put on the table.Knock Em Dead – Job Interview

You go to a job interview to get a job offer and to turn your greatest professional weakness—turning job interviews into job offers—into a professional strength.

Nothing else matters, not the pay, the benefits, or the work environment; they are all irrelevant until an offer is on the table. You go to every job interview to improve your ability to get job offers, so you should treat every interview as an opportunity to build this most critical survival skill.

Interviewers Hate Interviewing

The person on the other side of the desk is not your adversary; she’s someone who really wants to hire you. The truth is, managers hate interviewing. They want to find someone who can do the work, wants to do the work, and can get along with others. They want to hire some- one ASAP and get back to their real work.

So, What’s the Right Approach to Interviewing?

Your job is to help them make that decision, and my job is to help you do that.  Listen up, because I am not going to waste a word, or a moment of your time. Remember, what you learn will not only help you land that next job, it can change the trajectory of your life.


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