The Last Piece Of Career Advice Torn From My Dying Lips

The Last Piece Of Career Advice Torn From My Dying Lips

A few days before my recent surgery, I was part of a career marathon with twenty-five other career authors. My job was to be the opening act and in 15 minutes to set the tone for the day’s marathon and share three pieces of job search or career management advice, and finally to answer a few callers’ questions.

What the hell could I say in a few minutes, that would be meaningful, about the complexities of making a success of your professional life? And what I could say that would be good advice today and twenty years from now? The answer, I decided (as someone from a medical family who is therefore justifiably terrified of surgeons), was to imagine that I was dying, and these would be the last thoughts I could ever pass on.

Soooo…I didn’t die during surgery, but if I had, these would be the three pieces of career advice torn from my lips in the last few minutes of life, this is what I would cram in to those moments:


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