The Key To the Inner Circle, Promotions and Success

The Key To the Inner Circle, Promotions and Success

If you hope to win in life, you must survive long enough to reach your rewards and you won’t do this entirely alone.

Yes you’ll make the effort and sacrifices that others may not, but you will never be successful without being a respected member of the teams in which you work. It’s how the anointed first get noticed.

You do the best for your career when you commit to the success of every project, every team and every department with which you are involved. You get behind every leader and you give your best on every assignment because you know the rough comes with the smooth. The real players know this and respect it in others. So you are selfless for the team and for the boss because it is in your own selfish best interests. Companies have inner circles, and those in them get the plum assignments, the promotions and the biggest raises. The inner circle will notice your commitment and welcome you in as you take another step closer to success. Nietzschean teamwork, what a concept.

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