The Five Secrets of the Hire – The Fifth Secret – Teamwork and Manageability

The Five Secrets of the Hire – The Fifth Secret – Teamwork and Manageability

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Teamwork relates to your ability to function productively as a member of a group focused on achieving large-scale goals. Working on a team takes patience, balance, tolerance, and an ability to assert your own personality without overpowering everyone else’s. You don’t have to like everyone on your team; but you have to make the effort to work with them productively. 

The Fifth Secret: Teamwork and Manageability
Your willingness to be a team player and your ability to function as an integrated member of the team is critical because many of the contributions your department must make toward the smooth running of the corporate machine are beyond the scope of your individual contribution. 
Companies are in the business of generating continuous revenue streams. Usually the bigger the revenue stream the more complexities involved in maintaining and growing that revenue stream. At the same time, greater complexity invariably requires more and bigger teams to solve those complexities and the members of these teams have to work together harmoniously for greatest productivity. This means, if you are going to succeed in the professional world, you have to be able to get along with others, and this requires that you will  consistently be able to put the good of the team before your personal preferences.

You must work efficiently and respectfully with other people who have totally different responsibilities, backgrounds, objectives, and areas of expertise. It’s true that individual initiative is important, but as a professional much of the really important work you do will be done as a member of a group. Your long-term stability and success require that you learn the arts of cooperation, team-based decision-making, and team communication.

This is especially important if you dream of climbing the corporate ranks into a leadership position or of having your own business one day, because before you can lead, you first have to learn how to follow. So understanding the dynamics of productively functioning teams and how you, as an individual, contribute to that productivity will ease your upward climb in numerous ways.

Teamwork demands that a commitment to the team and its success comes first. This means you take on a task because it needs to be done, not because it makes you look good.

As a team player you:
  • Always cooperate.
  • Always make decisions based on team goals.
  • Always keep team members informed.
  • Always keep commitments.
  • Always share credit, never blame.

Reliable team players make the most successful leaders.  A leader must understand the dynamics of teamwork before she can leverage them.  So when teamwork is coupled with the other transferable skills and professional values, it can result in greater responsibility, opportunity and promotions.

Teamwork and Manageability is the fifth area that hiring managers apply to every hiring decision at every level to ensure their goals are met. Be sure to read the complete series, “The Five Secrets of the Hire” (links to parts 1-4 below). It will change the way you think about your work, revolutionize your performance at job interviews, and can power greater success in your next job and throughout your career. 

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