The Biggest Resume Mistake

The Biggest Resume Mistake

“The customer is always right” is probably the first business lesson you ever learned. Yet when it comes to creating a résumé, the most financially valuable document you will ever own, no one ever seems to consider what the customer wants.

Your current resume is probably a straightforward recitation of all you have done, it lists everything that you think is important, but despite all your effort this resume isn’t working.

That’s because a simple recitation of all your accomplishments and activities in results in a hodgepodge of what you think is important, not what your customers believe is important. You’re building a resume that tries to have the widest possible appeal, and your customers—the people who can hire you—ignore it, because it isn’t built with their needs in mind.

Have you ever looked at a Swiss army knife? It’s got knife blades, bottle openers, screwdrivers . . . it does practically everything. But companies aren’t hiring human Swiss army knives. They are hiring human lasers, with exceptional skills focused in a specific area. You need a resume that speaks to the priorities of your customer.

Think about this: your resume is the primary marketing device for every job change throughout your career; it determines your professional success.

And yours will be dramatically more productive when it starts with a clear focus on the target job and its responsibilities, and does so from the point of view of the recruitment process and the selection committee?the customer comes first, so let’s get inside the customer’s head. The way you do this is with target job deconstruction.

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