The Big 3 Career Resolutions for 2013 – Part 2

The Big 3 Career Resolutions for 2013 – Part 2

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Career Resolution #2 – Protect your job and boost your employability
Do you know why your job exists? Strip away all the window dressing and at its core, your job exists for one simple reason: to identify, prevent and solve problems within its area of responsibility, in order to help the company make money, save money or otherwise improve productivity.
Try to see yourself and your work in this light: You are a problem solver with a particular area of expertise. This will lead you to engage in your work with new priorities:
•           Execute every aspect of my work in ways that anticipate, identify and reduce the occurrence of the problems that typically plague my week
•          Execute my responsibilities in ways that show respect for the responsibilities of others, both within my department and elsewhere, who in turn must deal with the product of my work
•           Address the problems and challenges that occur within my areas of responsibility in an efficient, professional, timely and good-natured manner
•           Learn something from the problems I tackle every day, that will help me improve personal productivity by anticipating preventable problems, and lessening the impact of the unpreventable ones
Unfortunately, technology constantly changes the skills you need to do your work. If you are not consistently developing new skills, you are being paid for abilities that are rapidly becoming obsolete; a situation that can cost you this job and your ability to find another.
There are many ways to protect your job and boost your employability, but first steps should always involve self-analysisand a talk with your boss. There isn’t a boss in the world who doesn’t appreciate a staffer asking for guidance about ways to improve skills and performance. Implement the advice you receive, and follow-up informally every 6-8 weeks to communicate both your progress and your commitment. Informal, but consistent, follow-up keeps you on the radar of those who matter.
In every department and company there is an inner circle and an outer circle, and these are the ways you make it into the inner circle; that place where plum assignments, raises, promotions and job security all live.  

Resolve to engage in your work with these priorities in mind for success in 2013 and beyond.

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