The #1 Secret To A Successful Career & Life

The #1 Secret To A Successful Career & Life

“Manage your life as if you are your own boss and agent,” says my friend  Mike Squires, a Senior Technical Recruiter at PayPal. This means that you need to take yourself and the management of your professional future more seriously. I suggest that you start to think of yourself as a financial entity that must survive and prosper over the long haul, like a corporation.  In fact, think of yourself as MeInc and begin to organize and structure your professional life with the same commitment that a corporation applies to its success. Imagine the control you could exert over your destiny with firm initiatives in R&D, Sales, Strategic Planning, Finance, Marketing & Public Relations. Let’s look at how each of these apply to career success.

Research & Development: to identify and develop products with the maximum marketplace appeal: in other words, you have to monitor market demands and develop the skills employers need, not just now but continually.

Marketing and Public Relations: to establish credibility for the professional services you deliver, and to ensure that it becomes visible to an ever–widening circle, starting with your current department and expanding outwards through the company, your local professional community, and beyond, as your strategic career plans dictate.

Sales: to constantly develop new strategies to sell your products and services, including resume, job search, interviewing, negotiation, and other career management tools.

Strategic Planning: to plan strategies for growth within the company, time strategic career moves that take you to new employers, monitor the health of your profession, and make plans for career change; and all on your timetable. Working with R & D and Marketing, Strategic Planning will also constantly monitor opportunities and strategies for the pursuit of completely new revenue streams—alternate entrepreneurial endeavors that minimize disruption of MeInc’s cash flow and maximize the odds of success for these endeavors.

Finance: You need a financial strategy to ensure you invest wisely in initiatives that will deliver a Return On Investment. You must invest in your future, in your success, rather than fritter away your income on the instant gratification drummed into your head by 24/7 media. This is important: you have been raised to be a good consumer and to live in debt. You probably spend eight hours a day in front of a screen and absorb around 3,000 advertising messages a day.

To make your dreams come true, you have to break free of this indoctrination and invest yourself, your time, and your income in the activities that will make MeInc successful and give you the opportunity for a fulfilling life.

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