Ten Great Tactics To Punch Up Your Resume

Ten Great Tactics To Punch Up Your Resume

A great resume can be the difference between a job interview, and a job offer. When it comes to making a great resume, there are a good amount of requirements, along with other tactics you can employ to help you become employed. Here are 10 great tactics you can use today to punch up your resume and get that job.

Target Job Title. A clear Target Job Title, coming right after your contact information helps resume performance in database searches and gives a reader immediate focus. 80% of resumes lack a Target Job Title.

Telephone Contact. Most telephone services allow you alternate telephone #’s with distinctive ring tones at no extra charge. An alternate number for job search activities can stop mis-handled calls and help keep your search confidential if employed.

Email Contact. Get a new email address for your job search. “topaccountant” is more appropriate than “tweetypups”. Your ISP offers multiple email addresses with your account at no extra charge.

You need a job-targeted resume. Traditional resumes, describing all you have ever done don’t get pulled from the resume databases and don’t resonate with readers. You need to focus on a single target job and tell the story that best qualifies you for that job.

Customer needs. Understand how employers think about your target job and learn how they describe it. Collect six job postings for your target job and deconstruct to identify common priorities and word choice. Do this and you’ll know the story your resume must tell.

You might need multiple resumes. Prioritize the different jobs you can do then build a prime resume focused on your #1 choice. Create additional resumes for alternate jobs, just make copies of your prime resume, re-title it and edit to reflect the different focus of that alternate job option.

Replace Career Objective statement with a Performance Profile. No one is interested in what you want at this stage of the game, so replace your requirements with a statement that shows you can do the job sought.

Add a Core Competency section after your Performance Profile. This is simply a list of keywords that describe your hard skills, the list can be as long as you like. The Core Competency section tells you the keywords words that need to be repeated in the body of your resume. It helps your resume perform in the resume databases and helps the reader focus.

Resume length. The rule of thumb became has always been “1 page for every ten years, and never more than 2 pages.” However the world has changed, now complete internal job descriptions appear online as Job Postings. More complex jobs require more explanation (Your Resume – How Long Should It Be?). Resume databases have millions of resumes to compete against. Your resume becomes most competitive when it speaks to all of an employer’s needs. Now length should be determined by the story your resume has to tell.

First page needs to tell the big story. Understand employers’ needs with Target Job Deconstruction (tip #5). Start your resume with a Target Job Title (tip #1), followed by Performance Profile (tip #7) that shows you can do this job. Next include a Core Competency Section (tip #8) that packs keywords about your skills.

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