Smart Google Tricks To Find The Hiring Managers Who Can Hire You.

The shortest job search is always one that focuses on getting into conversation with the people who can hire you, just as quickly and as often as you can. You can rely on the job and resume banks, but this passive approach, relying as it does on the successful intervention of third parties, can keep you looking for that new job longer than you need.

Who do you need to talk to?

Getting a resume to someone by name, someone in a position to hire you, with a personalized pitch gives you a distinct advantage. This is never more important than when the economy is down or in recovery. At times like this your competition is fierce and employers will recognize the initiative as a differentiating factors in your candidacy.

Your ideal targets are those job titles most likely to be in a position to extend a job offer, typically these are management titles one, two and three levels directly above your own. With a list of high-value job titles in the forefront of your mind at all times, it will encourage you to find the names that go with them for all the target companies in your geography.

Here’s another very productive approach for finding the names of hiring managers in your target geography. Try the logically worded search sequences like the one I’m about to show you, on Google, Bing and other search engines. They are all likely to deliver names, and they’ll all get different results.

For this example, let’s say for a moment that you are a professional in pharmaceutical sales looking to make direct contact with hiring authorities for jobs in the Pittsburgh area. You have a specific company in mind, although you are certainly not averse to leads with other companies, and you have identified the likely hiring titles as including the words Manager, Director, Vice President and the word Sales.

You would start with a simple Google search using, first one then another of these search phrases

  • Pharmaceutical sales (company name)
  • Pharmaceutical sales (company name) Pennsylvania
  • Pharmaceutical sales (company name) Pittsburgh
  • Pharmaceutical Mgr sales (company name) Pennsylvania
  • Pharmaceutical Mgr sales (company name) Pittsburgh
  • Pharmaceutical Director sales (company name) Pennsylvania
  • Pharmaceutical Director sales (company name) Pittsburgh
  • Pharmaceutical VP sales (company name) Pennsylvania
  • Pharmaceutical VP sales (company name) Pittsburgh
  • You would then take these additional steps
  • Repeat all without “pharmaceutical”
  • Repeat all without company name
  • Repeat with just the target management title
  • Repeat all the above for other companies you are interested in.
  • Repeat with separate searches for target management title plus: hired, resigned, deceased

Keep drilling down in your search results until you cease getting useable results. You’ll likely not only find names of people bearing these titles at companies in your target area, you’ll also discover new companies, jobs and headhunters; all within your area of professional expertise.

As you employ this tactic in your job search, after you try each of your search phrases as a standard Google search, repeat it as a Google News search. Google News looks for mentions of your keywords in media coverage and the link is immediately above the standard Google dialog box.

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