Simple Job Search Math

Simple Job Search Math

Job search isn’t nanotechnology; there is a common-sense logic in everything I show you and you may wonder why you didn’t see it before. You can get your job search moving onto a new trajectory this week, and reap the rewards for the rest of your career. You can do this.

Everyone feels crappy when they are looking for a job—you aren’t the only one—but while there used to be a stigma about looking for a job, times have changed. Job change is an integral part of modern life. It comes around about every four years, making change and job search a constant factor in the life of most professionals. Because everyone understands this, once you organize and follow the plan of attack, you will find many, many people are ready to give you a helping hand if they can.

We live and work in a time of immense change. When you were born, there still existed a world in which hard work, dedication, and sacrifice led to long-term job security and a steady, predictable climb up the ladder of success. The world you now work in is entirely different: Companies still expect hard work, dedication, and sacrifice, but their only loyalty is to the profit imperative. You are expendable.

Different times require different strategies; you need a new mindset for today’s job search and for your long-term career success. The job security and professional growth our parents were raised to expect as the norm is a thing of the past. Here are the realities you’re facing, expressed in numbers:


A 50-year work life

Job change about every 4 years

3 or more distinct careers

Economic downturns every 7–10 years

When you integrate sound job search advice into a long-term career management plan, as I outline in the Knock Em Dead career books, you need never again be blindsided again, urgently needing a job to put food on the table.

Your job search is about more than the job you need today

The realities of job searchThere are many long-term career management initiatives that are also essential parts of your job search plan of attack. For example, as your career progresses, so should your credibility, visibility, and professional brand. These are all issues that can have great impact on your job search and even greater impact on your long-term career management initiatives.

How can you cultivate these initiatives when you’re busy making a living? Knock Em Dead – The Ultimate Job Search Guide 2017 can help. Plus, if you buy it now, you’ll receive special introductory pricing, plus four exclusive career management training videos and a free resume review.

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