Should the Dog Days of Summer Stall Your Job Search?

Should the Dog Days of Summer Stall Your Job Search?

Who doesn’t love the Dog Days of Summer? We still carry the same workload here at Knock Em Dead, but we’re on our summer schedule, which means relaxing with yard work, visits to Home Depot and a few trips to the beach between thunderstorms. Kidding aside, the pace for most companies is slower at this time of year, and it’s natural to want to relax, but should you let your job search stall?

Hiring happens 12 months out of the year


Things do slow down during the summer months and holidays but there are still opportunities available. The good news is that because of the common misconception that nothing is going on, there are fewer candidates vying for the same positions. So while the competition is off at Disneyland or baking in a bikini, your odds for scoring an interview increase.

The bad news is, you have to be patient. You may go through several rounds of interviews followed by an agonizing waiting game. Most hiring decisions take longer during summer and the holidays. Often, there is a team of decision-makers who need to commiserate on a new hire, and multiple vacation schedules present a challenge for coming to a consensus.

Take the “work” out of “Networking”

Summer is a time when more casual networking opportunities (think: less stuffy, more fun) abound. Still attend the traditional job-seeker events when they are available. Again, less competition. But also, find community events where you can network with people who will be in good spirits, such as charity fundraisers, pet rescue events and local sports venues. While it’s a bonus that many of these events have corporate sponsors, don’t attend with resume in hand … Volunteer, take part, be seen and more importantly, be seen as an asset. Go with the intent of developing relationships with like-minded people.

Use these opportunities as a way to get to know different rainmakers in your community, and start cultivating valuable relationships to add to your job search network. It is unlikely that anyone will remember an impersonal contact they met online, but who wouldn’t remember the person who really stepped up for a cause dear to their heart?

Your contacts will have more time to see you

The slower summer months are great for getting face time with those who are not on vacation. They’ll have more flexibility and could be available for an informational interview or to meet for coffee lunch. People tend to be more laid back in the summer and willing to take you up on invites to get out of the office and enjoy the nice weather. This is a great time to cultivate your network.

Take a look at yourself

As you relax and soak up a little sun, this is a great time to evaluate your job search tactics and reflect on the progress you are making:

•  Is your resume getting results, and if not why not? If you are stumped send it to me and I’ll tell you what the issues are likely to be.
•  Do you have a robust social media presence and is your network built with people who can help your professionally?
•  Are you active in at least one professional and alumni association in addition to a presence on LinkedIn and relevant online professional networking groups?
•  Are you successfully turning job interviews into job offers? And if not why not?

Make time to invest in yourself & your future

Keeping a job search moving in the summer can be a challenge, but if it slows down there are still two things you can do to stay motivated:

1.  Review the job search tools you are using as suggested above.
2.  Invest a couple of hours in yourself this summer and join me for my FREE job search webinars on Social networking, The Social-Network Integrated Job Search and How To Turn Job Interviews into Job Offers by clicking here. You’ll learn new tactics and re-charge your batteries.

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