Seven Secrets For Choosing The Right Resume Writer

Seven Secrets For Choosing The Right Resume Writer

Anyone can, and many do, hang out a shingle claiming to be a professional resume writer. Right now I know of a lifetime GM executive who got laid off six months ago, he only ever had one job and had never written a resume in his life, but with the help of a slick little website, has magically become a resume writer.

So clearly, you need to exercise caution and move forward with the street smarts that will help you make an informed choice:

  1. Always ask about resume association membership. The leading professional resume writing associations all have codes of ethics; provide education through annual conventions and ongoing professional accreditation programs.
  2. Always ask about professional credentials. Only those who belong to professional associations and are committed to professional development take the time to earn professional credentials.
  3. Learn what the alphabet soup of credentials all mean. Here’s a comprehensive list of resume writing credentials. The credentials that apply to resume writing are in the first section, coaching credentials, which have nothing to do with resume writing are in the second. Don’t get impressed by credentials, unless you know what they mean and see they actually relate to resume writing.
  4. Mysterious credentials. If you are told of credentials that do not appear in this list, ask which association awarded them and take the time to check that they do actually exist, it could save you time, money and anguish. If you come across bogus credentials let me know and we’ll investigate. Confirm your resume writer of choice has authentic resume writing credentials; if resume and coaching credentials, that’s even better. Just be sure that your choice isn’t someone qualified in a related but very different area of expertise, trying to make a quick buck as a sideline.
  5. Ask to see resume samples. And ask about the resume writer’s involvement with, and contributions to the resume writing profession.
  6. Cost. Are the associated costs reasonable too cheap to deliver a quality product or too steep for your pocket?
  7. Questions to ask yourself. Finally, use your common sense. Ask yourself, do these people sound competent or are they just throwing buzzwords at me? Have they asked me intelligent questions? Do I have confidence in their ability to distil what is most marketable about me? Do they seem to care or is this just about being pushy and making a quick sale?

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