Resumes For Promotions!

You think of your resume as a tool to get a new job at another company and forget to recognize it as tool to get a promotion where you are.

You need a job-targeted resume for pursuing internal promotions because

  • No-one is paying as much attention to you as you would like
  • Shows an employer you are serious about growth
  • It’s a powerful way to get yourself viewed in a different light
  • Puts you on a par with external candidates who will have job-targeted resumes
  • Puts you ahead of these candidates ’cause you are a known quantity
  • When you have the skills required it’s much easier to get promoted from within

Promotions come to those who earn them, not as a reward for watching the clock for three years. Thinking through what’s really needed for your next step up the ladder, building the skills to earn that promotion then creating a resume that positions you for the job is smart strategic thinking.

Your promotion campaign starts with determining a specific target job for the next logical step up the ladder and then understanding the requirements for someone holding that job title.

Collect Job Postings for that next step and deconstruct the target job’s specific deliverables, see Critical Target Job Deconstruction for ways to do this.

Once you have a crystal clear idea of what is needed to succeed in the target job

  • Identify areas for skill development
  • Determine how you will develop these skills
  • Volunteer for assignments that build these skills and give you practical experience that can become part of your resume.

Once your skills have reached 70% of those required for the new job you can start building a resume targeted on that promotion.

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