Resumes Are All About Deliverables!

When employers add someone to the payroll, the job title and its responsibilities have been analyzed, justified and budgeted months before that position opens up. No one is added to the payroll for the love of mankind; they are added to make a contribution in a particular area and in a very specific way.

Every job, in its own small way, is there to help a department, and in turn a company, make a positive contribution to the end goal of profitability by helping to earn money or save money for the company or to increase productivity; think about how your job can help toward delivering on these goals in some small way.

When an employer looks at your resume it is with a very specific objective in mind: Does this resume reflect a person who can help me deliver on these specific challenges? From this question, we get employers conceiving a job in terms of its deliverables, rather than solely in terms of degree and years experience required etc.

This means that for your resume to be effective, it must begin with a clear understanding of the deliverables for a specific target job. Only when you have this focus can you begin to look backwards into your work history for those experiences that best position you for the target job, and enable you to tailor a killer resume.

If you are new to the professional world, engaged in a career shift, or just want to be sure that you are on target, you might want to execute a little research to ensure your resume has the proper focus.

You need complete clarity on your target job before starting to write your resume, you can do this with a unique analytical approach to job postings I describe in A Resume For Tough Economic Times.

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