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Your resume is probably the most financially important document you will ever own, and how much intelligent effort you put into writing it will be reflected by the results.

It’s all about focus and content

A good resume begins with finding out what skills and experiences employers are actually looking for when they fill a position. And then how they prioritize those needs and the words they use to describe them.
In turn your resume should not be about what you think might be important to an employer, but instead should be clearly focused on the skills and experiences you bring to their stated needs.

Garbage In Garbage Out

Resumes are garbage in/garbage out propositions, so if you don’t build your resume on the right foundations it won’t work, which means you won’t work. The answer, if you haven’t done so already, is to read the latest edition of Knock Em Dead Resumes and quickly bring yourself up to speed on creating a killer resume. You can find the complete text for Knock Em Dead Resumes here, where you can read it for free.

What You Get With A Resume Review

When you invest in a Knock Em Dead resume review, you will hear directly from Martin Yate requesting your resume and an explanation of your situation and goals. Once he receives this information, he will then review your resume and return it to you with specific feedback on how to improve its performance. It’s the closest thing you can find to a custom built resume.

Resume Review Next Steps

Once your resume is as good as you can get it without some objective input, you pick the resume review service from below that most closely fits your needs.

Note: The review process becomes more complex and time consuming as experience and achievements accumulate, so the price escalates accordingly.

Entry-Level Resume Review & Recommendations

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Professional Resume Review & Recommendations

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Mid-Career Resume Review & Recommendations

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Science & Technology Resume Review & Recommendations

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Management Resume Review & Recommendations

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Executive Resume Review & Recommendations

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I am available to answer your questions about our resume review services.
Email: Or call our office at (678) 815-5996 to set up a consultation.

What The Customers Say

“Two offers, twice the $ I was expecting, and that is without the signing bonus or the stock options. Amazing!!”
– N.W. CMO, Technology Advertising

“So far 7 out of 30 employers reacted to my resume with next steps, including my five top choices: Siemens, Keinbaum, Dell (EMEA), Tyco, Semantec. I’ve never had to do a job search before in my career so don’t know if this is good or not.”
– M.P. EMEA Marketing V.P.

“What I would say about your service is that it has been life altering. I have a completely different view about how important my resume is to me and my profile rocks! Now I know why recruiters are beginning to contact me. THANK YOU!!!”
– S.Z. Cloud Security Management

“My revamped resume and cover letter had landed two offers to choose from and now I have a third. I was so lost, thank-you.”
– A.M.Q Logistics Management

“OMG! That is s fantastic!!! Put my new resume on CareerBuilder & monster last night, and I already got 2 replies. One of which is a job I applied for several weeks ago with my old resume. Unbelievable! You are worth your weight in gold.”
– A.C. Finance Management

“I just saw my son’s new resume and it was absolutely outstanding. I want to thank you and your team for your excellent support and helping (name) prepare for the reality of searching for the right job. “
– I.S. V.P. Human Resources

“I spoke with several recruiters during my job search. Each one commented (and I’m paraphrasing) that the one I had was “about as good as it gets and that it should serve me very well.”
– B.L. O&G Director Public Relations

“The resume is a definitive step above anything I could have produced. Your service was invaluable. I now have a product that tells a story about my skills and achievements I can use with confidence.”
– M.Q. Senior Product Management

“This cover letter and resume are beyond words. This looks outstanding and I’m really excited to put this out to potential employers. Thanks for all your hard and impressive work.”
– E.R. Warehouse Management

“The cover letter looks fantastic as does the resume. I’m pretty blown away with both documents. The quality is remarkable. Thank you.”
– M.J. Transitioning Military officer

“I had a friend in HR review the resume and she said, “I review at least 2 resumes for friends every week, and yours is the first that I would not change a thing.”
– Col G.B. (retired) Logistics Management

We’ve been doing this for a really long time, so naturally people talk

Executive Search

Martin is out of the Search business – he really gets it. His resume advice is spot on, he’s just brilliant. I’m a huge fan!!

Datacenter Management

The best out there, very easy to work with, excellent results. Martin showed me how to manage my career in a way to continuously build on it.

Fortune 100 C-suite Assistant

Martin and his team produced a masterpiece resume. At every interview the first comment was how much they liked the layout/content of my resume.

Senior Project Management

My experience with the Knock Em’ Dead team have been outstanding!‬