Q: What would you say are the major qualities this job demands?

Q: What would you say are the major qualities this job demands?

One in a series of answers to tough interview questions

A: The question asks you to define what it takes to be successful in your profession. Answering effectively is going to take some preparation: Read about transferable skills* to understand how successful people become that way. Then complete Target Job Deconstruction*, tying your transferable skills to the job’s priorities as employers see them.

Do this and you’ll not only be able to answer this tough question, you will also have a blueprint for long-term professional success.

You can read about developing transferable skills and Target Job Deconstruction in the early chapters of Knock em Dead 2011, Knock em Dead Resume Templates and Knock em Dead Job Search Letter Templates, and the upcoming Knock ’em Dead Secrets & Strategies for Success in an Uncertain World

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