Get Psyched for a Job Interview the Knock Em Dead Way

Get Psyched for a Job Interview the Knock Em Dead Way

In every tightly run job race, when there is nothing to choose between the skills of two top contenders, the job offer will ALWAYS go to the most intelligently enthusiastic candidate because that candidate will be seen to work harder and smarter, produce better results, be a better team player and easier to manage.

Here are 7 ways to show themget psyched for a job interview that candidate is YOU.

  1. The job you are interviewing for exists to help the company make money, save money or increase productivity in some small way – when you increase productivity you save time and money, that makes more time to make more money. Your job fits into one or more of these categories – decide which.
  1. The department you are interviewing with is a cog in this moneymaking machinery – think through how it contributes to the overall company goal of achieving profitability.
  1. Your target job is a smaller cog within the department’s machinery that contributes to profitability. When you understand how this target job relates to the department’s role, you are also able to relate your work to the company’s overriding mission – making payroll and a profit.
  1. You know the experience and skills the company is looking for and the deliverables that are expected as a result. And you know that your job exists to help the company make money within your area of expertise, by your anticipation, prevention and solution of the problems that get in the way of the profit.
  1. Look at each of the job’s requirement’s in turn and determine what you do with each to anticipate, prevent and solve the problems that get in the way of profitability. You deliver on all these requirements with the way you do your job; by the way you anticipate and solve the problems that dump on your desk every day.
  1. These issues are what your job is about and you LOVE dealing with them. Knowing the issues gives allows you to talk intelligently about the job and  simultaneously gives you intelligent questions to ask.
  1. When your answers are built on this awareness – you come across as informed, thoughtful and intelligent. Tag questions about the real guts, the real challenges of the job, and you turn a job interview from a one-sided examination of skills into a two-way conversation between a couple of professionals with a common interest – this is interpreted as intelligent
    Knock Em Dead – Job Interview         enthusiasm.

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