Knock Em Dead – Professional Communication

Knock Em Dead – Professional Communication


Every job in the world today demands communication skills, year after year it’s the most common phrase used in job postings. Knock Em Dead – Professional Communication is packed with tools that teach you how to get your message across more effectively.

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This book delivers the tactics you need to make a strong positive impression whether you have an audience of one or a thousand. You’ll learn how to:

  • Build your presentation
  • Channel nerves
  • Create stage presence
  • Encourage audience involvement

And you’ll build the presentation skills for:

  • One-on-one presentations
  • Sales presentations
  • Group meetings
  • Virtual meetings

Improved communication skills build your credibility and visibility at work, which increases job security while making you more a more desirable employee to others. Put these together and increase personal impact and the value of your professional brand, while increasing job security and employment mobility.

Buy Knock Em Dead – Professional Communication – You have nothing to lose except the opportunity to influence people and reap the rewards.


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