Management Resume Review & Recommendations

Management resume review & recommendations are for all supervisor, project manager and management tiles below the Director, V.P., and C-level. This category excludes career changers.

How The Management Resume Review & Recommendations Process Works:

  • #1 Once payment is received you will receive a request for your resume and background information on your situation and goals.
  • #2 Upon receipt, Martin Yate CPC personally reviews your resume looking for ways to improve the content and messaging for discoverability in database searches and when read by recruiters and hiring managers.
  • #3 He then sends you a report on these findings.
  • #4 You make changes based on the recommendations.
  • #5 On receipt of any changes you make Martin reviews the resume a second to look for additional ways to fine tune.
  • This service provides a unique opportunity to make sure your DIY resume is maximally effective.

  • Management Resume Review & Recommendations Service


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