Knock Em Dead – The Ultimate Job Search Guide

Knock Em Dead – The Ultimate Job Search Guide


Completely updated with new material, this bestselling job search guide can help you keep up with changes in the job market—from updating the language of your resume to using social media networking to make professional connections that are essential in finding new employment opportunities.

For more than thirty years, Martin Yate’s Knock ’em Dead series has helped millions of people succeed in their job search and has continued to be one of the most powerful in the field, constantly meeting the challenges of the modern marketplace.


At over 350 pages, the most complete and practical job search guide available anywhere in the world (it’s published in 27 languages). Updated for 2018, Knock Em Dead Delivers a blueprint for job search and career success in a competitive world. Yate tells you exactly where today’s employment opportunities are and what skills you’ll need to impress employers.

He also shows you how to stand out from the crowd with:

  • 3+ Hours of free workshop videos
  • Free resume review
  • Step-by-step guidance for writing a resume with the content & structure that makes your resume discoverable & grab employers’ attention
  • How to build and leverage social networks to land job interviews and build successful careers
  • How to quadruple your job interviews
  • Guaranteed advice on how to turn job interviews into job offers
  • How to negotiate the best salary and benefits packages

The ultimate job search guide will help you land that next step on your career path and introduce you to new and effective strategies for career success.

Buy Knock ’em Dead 2018 – The Ultimate Job Search Guide – you have nothing to lose except control of your professional destiny.