DIY Resume Review & Optimization

DIY Resume Review & Optimization


When cash-flow prohibits a custom built, high-performance resume, this unique service provides an opportunity to have the globally-renowned resume expert Martin Yate CPC advise you on ways to increase your resume’s performance.
So, if you have a resume that you feel needs an objective review by a resume expert like Martin to make it the most powerful it can be, then the Knock Em Dead Resume Review & Optimization package might be just what you need.

DIY Resume Review & Edit Copy

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How Resume Review & Edit works:

  1. Once notification of payment is received, you will receive a request for your current resume, a snapshot of where you stand today and where you want to stand tomorrow and information on the job(s) you are targeting.
  2. Once you send me this information, I will personally review your resume looking for ways to improve the focus, messaging, and ways to optimize the resume to increase its discoverability in resume database searches, and resonance when viewed by recruiters. I like to read the materials a number of times over three days so that I can better “walk in your shoes” and absorb what you are aiming to achieve.
  3. Once I have a feel for you and your goals for the resume, I will then send you a thorough report detailing my suggestions (including useful tools) to help you improve the impact of this vitally important document.
  4. You make changes based on the recommendations.
  5. Once you have made changes and feel the document is the best it can be, you return this new resume to me and I’ll run optimization tests to rank its discoverability in database searches. The results will be returned to you and will include independent third-party database software analysis that tells you about any missing hard skills, soft skills and commonly used industry buzzwords, and other issues that can help you further improve the discoverability and impact of your resume.
  6. In this final report I’ll add any relevant comments / suggestions I might have about your new resume and how to get the best results with it in your job search.


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