Press Release: 31st Edition of The Ultimate Job Search Guide

This past week, Adams Media officially released the 31st edition of Knock Em Dead Ultimate Job Search Guide 2017, by N.Y. Times bestseller and job search expert Martin Yate, it’s updated for the new challenges job seekers face in today’s world.

Times have changed, loyalty, hard work and sacrifice are no longer the sure pathway to success. Because this traditional wisdom has not changed with the times and is crippling the lives of many hard-working professionals, Yate introduces a revolutionary new way to achieve success.

In setting the tone of this new approach he says that the old ways of blind loyalty to a corporation that will replace you with a piece of software or someone cheaper just as soon as they can, completely ignore reality and the need for strategies that has your success as its focus.  “Successful careers don’t happen by accident” he says, introducing a tightly constructed new plan for long-term success.

He puts you in control of your professional destiny with a more business-like approach, re-thinking your professional identity as “MeInc.,” a small business that anticipates, faces challenges and makes decisions with the objectivity of a corporation. As MeInc., you achieve success and financial stability with objectively informed career decisions based on your best interests. This foundation totally disrupts the traditional advice of “blind loyalty, hard work and sacrifice” to a corporation that has zero interest in your continued well-being.

When you put the skills essential for career success in the context of a 50-year work life that will statistically include job changes about every four years (you’ll see tenure continues to decline rapidly), it becomes obvious that there are skills you have never thought of as important, which you must develop, or your career will fail.

Yate, a globally renowned veteran of the career management world and a seasoned executive resume writer and coach lays out a focused plan for giving you renewed control of your professional destiny with actionable advice on every page. You learn how to:

  • Build your career like a business with you the CEO
  • Write a resume that gets results.
  • Build & leverage professionally relevant networks.
  • Quadruple your interviews with proven tactics
  • Turn those interviews into offers.
  • Negotiate effectively.
  • Anticipate layoffs
  • Fight age discrimination

At 385 pages the book is encyclopedic, and the price includes 4+ hours of free video and a free resume review, all for about $12.

When competition has never been tougher, you need an edge, and as Dunn & Bradstreet says, “he’s about the best in the business,” perhaps Knock Em Dead – The Ultimate Job Search Guide 2017 could be the new approach that puts you back in the driver’s seat. You can also a deep mine of street-smart free advice along with resume and social media writing services at


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Knock Em Dead

Knock Em Dead

NY Times Bestselling Author at Knock Em Dead
With 17 books and two optical patents to his name and as someone who last danced with a professional ballet company at age 55, he is clearly one of those who has turned ADHD into a superpower. Martin is also a recovering alcoholic of some years standing, and exchanging one obsessive compulsion for another; he particularly enjoys collecting prohibition-era cocktail shakers.
Knock Em Dead
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