No One Owes You a Job, Tough Love For a Recent Grad

No One Owes You a Job, Tough Love For a Recent Grad

“After nearly three months on the job, I feel the position should pay more. I keep taking on more duties, but am afraid I won’t be able to handle them all. I would even like to give back some of the extra duties and cut my hours. How do I tell the employer this and ask for a salary increase? Someone else, hired a week before me, has been given two raises already.”

Your employer is going to hear, “I’ve just finished my probation period, can I stop working so hard now? And, while you are at it, how about a big fat raise?” It won’t work. Instead of whining, make a study of that colleague who got two raises in 90 days. You would be well advised to copy his or her approach by making a difference with your presence. Good advice, even if it wasn’t what you wanted to hear.

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