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Thursday, August 15, 2013

“If you have a strategy, you have a chance of succeeding in living life on your terms.” — Interview with Martin Yate, CPC (Part Two)

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We are back with Martin Yate, CPC, best-selling author of Knock Em Dead – The Ultimate Job Search Guide—the keystone of a 14-book series. (Click here for Part One.)

The Knock Em Dead philosophy offers a practical methodology for achieving professional success, personal fulfillment and financial stability in an uncertain world. Martin’s latest book is Knock ‘Em Dead —Secrets & Strategies for First-Time Job Seekers 

(For more information about Martin, his books and services, please visit his website.)

In Part One, you introduced us to the concept of MeInc. For those who have been employed for several years or longer—how can they shift their thinking from being a “company man/woman” to being the CEO of Me Inc.?  It is never too late to start as long as you start as soon as you understand and buy into a game plan that gives you more control over your destiny.

You recommend that people can and should have multiple career paths and to categorize their dreams as core, dream or entrepreneurial. In a nutshell, what are the key identifiers for the three categories?

  • Core career. Salary, vacation, benefits, unreliable but still the best route to some measure of financial stability. Plus it is the training ground for all your parallel career endeavors, it is where you learn how and why business works the way it does. 
  • Entrepreneurial career. This is where you learn to bring money in your own front door, with an entrepreneurial career there is nothing between you and your customer. This is scary but it’s the only way to have job, and with it, financial security. You can learn lessons about running a company of your own, everyday you go to work in your core career job. 
  • Dream career. Anything that puts “juice” in your life, a dream career can be anything you want it to be. You pursue it for the fulfillment it gives you, and if you apply the Knock Em Dead career management philosophy you just might turn a dream career into an entrepreneurial career. The only difference between the two is cash flow.

Besides landing the interview and hopefully the job, what else can a well-prepared resume do for the job seeker?

Most people think a resume is a recitation of all they have done. It isn’t. At Knock Em Dead we have had a resume writing service for almost two decades, and we’ve learned that a stalled job search went off track because of an inadequately conceived resume. 

A productive resume doesn’t even start with a review of the past; it starts with looking at where you want to go. This captures two basic business lessons: 

  • The customer is always right
  • Find out what your customers are buying and sell it to them.
That’s where you begin with a resume, by looking at the result you want it to deliver. With us the whole resume writing business is not just about delivering a document, it is about establishing the foundations of successful career management strategy. 

We have a unique approach to doing helping our clients do this, and once they understand it, the same tactics can be used for identifying and pursuing promotions on that new job.
Secret & Strategies
for First-Time Job Seekers

In Knock ‘Em Dead —Secrets & Strategies for First-Time Job Seekers, you provide sample interview questions. Can these questions also serve as a basis for private ‘soul-searching’ —as a way to examine your overall life trajectory and need for improvements or changes in certain areas?
Oh absolutely, I give the questions and then what is behind each one and what the interviewer is looking for by way of answers, so that you can answer honestly and well without sounding like a snake-oil salesman.  

For the aware reader, this section is also all about self-discovery and identifying the next steps of your personal professional skill development program.

Tell us a little about your coaching services. What does it include and who would most benefit from it?

We do resume and social media profile writing and have done for years. If you buy a resume package it comes with Knock Em Dead books and five hours of streamed video job search training, plus a one hour coaching session with me to answer questions and worries about the job search.

I also do coaching to help you work through life’s professional challenges. The coaching is geared precisely to your needs. You and I identify all the issues by email before the coaching sessions, so that our “live time” is spent answering your questions and finding solutions to your problems, not defining them.

I have been doing this for a lifetime, and whatever the problem might be, I have almost certainly seen it before and helped someone work through it.  

Why is it so critical for people to have a lifetime career management strategy, whether they want to be an employee or an entrepreneur?If you have a strategy, you have a chance of succeeding in living life on your terms. If you don’t, your “career” will end up having been just a series of jobs. Without a plan, somewhere between 48 and 60, age and wage discrimination will kick in and you will (80% of the time) be kicked out of that “safe” corporate job with no idea of how to go about making a living for yourself.

Almost everyone who has broken the mold, who has achieved a measure of financial security for themselves has done it this way. Example? Guy by the name of Harrison Ford, one of the biggest box office stars in the history of movies, made a very nice living in Hollywood as a carpenter (first a core career job, then entrepreneurial when he hung his own shingle) before he brought his dream career  (the movie star thing) to life.

What are the three key takeaways you want readers to gain from Knock ‘Em Dead —Secrets & Strategies for First-Time Job Seekers?
  • This is your life, there are no do-overs, what you make of it is up to you.
  • You can live life or watch it pass you by as you sit in front of the TV every night.
  • It’s your choice. You can learn what it takes to change the trajectory of your life going forward, or you can regret not doing it years from now. 
Great advice and my thanks to Martin for being part of the Make A Change blog!

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