Make a Career Change With Your Eyes Open

Make a Career Change With Your Eyes Open

You often think about career change when you are out of work and your job search isn’t going well, but this often isn’t the best idea, especially during or coming out of a recession. A career change is much more of a challenge than a simple job change, and a job change is no walk in the park these days.

Changing your career takes considerably more time and adds other levels of complexity to a job search.

  • You leave behind many of the skills that normally help you land a new job
  • You need to build new networks
  • You lack an intimate understanding of how the new profession operates on a day-to-day basis, something you might discount, but an employer does not.
  • Competition for that first job in a new profession will always be stiff, because you are going up against people with experience within the target profession.
  • Making a career change during a recession usually means that competition will be even stiffer as there are likely to be more qualified people looking for jobs than there are jobs

The fact of the matter is that career change is part of the modern work experience. Many people experience three or more distinct careers in a half century work life, so ideally this is something should be planned and executed when you are working and your cash flow concerns are not so intense. This makes sense because you will have

  • more time to research the new job and profession,
  • build a relevant professional network
  • time to create a resume that will focus on the new career and maximize what you bring from the old one.
  • less pressure to make that change yada yada

Moving forward with intent like this is obviously the common sense thing to do, especially as you will now have less pressure and more time to make this strategic career move in a better economy where there are more jobs than people. All these considerations dramatically improve your odds of success.

During a recession, and coming out of one, when you need to get the cash flow steady again, common sense says you should pursue those jobs that are the easiest “sell” for you, and the easiest “buy” for the employer: in other words a job for which you are fully qualified and which you can nail with hands tied behind your back.

Whenever a career change is part of your future, a good first step is to read 6 Solutions for Career Shift Challenges.

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