Invasion of the Robots & What You Can Do About It

Invasion of the Robots & What You Can Do About It

For over 30 years now I’ve built my business on your success. I want you to be safe and financially secure, but having just read the worst employment forecast ever, telling of a coming apocalypse, might just be the most frightening piece of information I have ever seen.

Forrester, the impeccably credentialed research and analysis organization, has just announced a report predicts that the increasing implementation of robotics into every aspect of our lives means that 16% of U.S. jobs will be replaced by 2027. In reality, the numbers and percentages are far worse.

I’m a globally recognized employment and career management writer and N.Y. Times bestseller, this is my wheelhouse and I’m this is the scariest story for the financial stability of all working professionals like us that I have ever heard – we must be prepared.

The report titled “The Future Of Jobs, 2027: Working Side By Side With Robots -Automation Won’t Destroy All The Jobs, But It Will Transform The Workforce — Including Yours,” goes on to say that at the same time as the 16% job prediction, 9% of new jobs will be created — resulting a net loss of 7% of all US jobs by 2027 – this is a serious creeping recession all on its own.

As I read it this means that out of 126.6 million full time workers, 8.8 million will have lost their jobs – but it gets worse.

There have been 11 recessions in the last 70 years that come around with alarming regularity and with increasingly longer recovery times and greater number of discouraged workers. The metrics of recessionary unemployment get bigger and bigger as the length of recession recovery get consistently longer.

If the (above linked) recessionary statistics hold their pattern, we can realistically expect another recession before 2027.

During the last recession, which had nothing to do with the wholesale implementation of robotics into every area of life, unemployment peaked at 10% or 12+ million people out of work.

Wait there’s more, Today the economy Is good and we still have 6.1 million unemployed, discouraged, underemployed people or those who are working multiple jobs to make ends meet. For many, technology vaporized their jobs and it looks likely to happen again, soon.

You do the math and will see that I am being conservative, clearly understating the numerical dangers we all face.

If we take the analysis of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Forrester and Wikipedia, we are looking at somewhere around 20%+ national unemployment creeping up on us over the next nine years – one out of every five people of all classes and professions without work. Think about it, are you safe when this happens?

Interestingly, Forrester notes that legacy technology companies will be hit particularly hard, no-one is safe.

Yet even in these circumstances you can gain greater control over your future, by seeing the clouds gathering on the horizon and changing just two attitudes in your life and replacing them with a third.


– Blind loyalty to employers in return for promised job stability that isn’t delivered.
– Hard work and loyalty and sacrifice and the, “it won’t happen to me,” mentality.

Every week, with my resume and coaching practice, I hear the stories of men and women who became successful believing that hard work and loyalty would be rewarded with job security – until they were thrown on the scrap-heap: replaced by software, someone younger and cheaper or that job outsourced altogether.

The financial and emotional wreckage of facing the facts too late can cripple your efforts to re-build, and at the very time you need your focus and determination most.

Replace these meaningless myths with a more engaged focus on your personal survival and stability, doing what is best for your life, thinking of yourself as “MeInc.” is the start of this more business-like approach to a happy life.

It’s time to replace these truisms from the last century with a new approach to career management.

We need something carefully conceived, comprehensive and tightly woven, an approach to lifetime career management that has your success, your financial stability and your sense of personal fulfillment as its focus.

There is such a new approach that gives you far greater control over the quality of your life.

What You Can Do

Now, with the level of urgency I’ve just set for you, it’s no time for panic.

I have written about career strategies and tactics that combat these very issues, and help you develop a more enlightened self-interest towards managing the success of you whole working life.

In my latest book Knock Em Dead – The Ultimate Job Search Guide 2017 (31st edition), I put your career in the context of the world we are facing, and offer the strategies and tactics that give you options.

Based on preparing you for the unexpected, I help you develop the skills that get:

– MORE job interviews
– BETTER job offers

Along with becoming more successful in those jobs while harnessing your skills in the intelligent pursuit of financial independence.

With 4 hours of video and personal resume feedback from the author, and 385 pages of career information, you could be one of the smart ones here in the future.

We live in a time of constant change and must stay ahead of the changes to keep afloat.

Your success depends on it.

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