How Your LinkedIn Profile Helps You Land Your Next Opportunity

How Your LinkedIn Profile Helps You Land Your Next Opportunity

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You live in the digital age, the communication era, and all personal and professional communication has become Internet based. This change has revolutionized the ways companies recruit talent, which means the tools of career management strategy have had to evolve too.
Eighty percent of all U.S. companies use LinkedIn to recruit talent, so for most of us, professional growth demands an effective LinkedIn social media profile because LinkedIn has become the social center of your profession and the headhunters and recruiters who serve that profession.

Because LinkedIn has become the professional meeting place for professionals, your social media profile will become the face you offer to your professional the world. It will define who and what you are seen to be. This makes how you manage your professional image an important consideration.
This social media revolution in how professionals communicate provides significant challenges and opportunities. You can create a LinkedIn profile for yourself and still remain invisible in the ocean of 175+ million other members, or you can choose to make yourself visible to the people who are pivotal to your future.
A strong LinkedIn profile defines who you are and how you want to be seen, it communicates skills, credentials, capabilities and potential, steadily building confidence in your ability to deliver within the areas of your professional expertise.  And when properly done, it defines a unique professional brand and sets you apart from your competition.
The reality is that if you don’t have a LinkedIn profile that tells the right story and makes you readily visible, you are crippling your professional future. If you make the intelligent decision to become visible in your professional world, there is work to be done in crafting the image you want to present to that world, and then more work in making your profile visible to the headhunters and corporate recruiters who hold the keys to your next opportunity.
Two Steps to a Successful LinkedIn Social Media Profile
Step One. Your need a LinkedIn profile that tells a convincing story of a professional with the skills and experiences relevant to specific targeted job(s). Your LinkedIn profile must be written to generate interest with recruiters looking to fill such jobs, employing a carefully targeted message that communicates your abilities and defines your professional brand quickly and clearly.
Step Two. To be seen, your LinkedIn profile must rank high in recruiters’ database searches, which means your profile must be created with the right focus, language and keywords, and then search engine–optimized for performance.
Everything in your LinkedIn Profile affects its performance and everything needs to be fine-tuned for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Done correctly, you become both visible and credible to recruiters.
This visibility, coupled with the credibility your new profile delivers, will open more doors of professional opportunity, today and tomorrow.

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