How To Turn Interviews Into Job Offers

How To Turn Interviews Into Job Offers

Hiring managers hate interviewing, they just want to find someone to hire and get back to their other work. All you have to do to land job offers is show interviewers that you’re the one they can hire.

However, you have less experience turning job interviews into job offers than almost anything else you do in your professional life, so learning how to turn interviews into job offers is critical to your financial security. Every job interview is an opportunity to turn a professional weakness into a must have professional strength.
You never go to a job interview to decide if you want that job, because you have absolutely nothing to consider until an offer is put on the table: you go to a job interview with one goal: to get a job offer extended.

You always go to a job interview to prove yourself the logical choice for that job. Those standard questions about salary and benefits, while nice to know, are irrelevant because they don’t move you towards an offer. Besides, interviewers really don’t care what you want until they want you, focus on bringing them to this point. The biggest decision interviewers have to make is about your ability and your suitability for that job.

Your ability and suitability for the job

Ability refers to the technical skills that allow you to be productive in your area of professional expertise; it might be about how you write a computer program, analyze that spreadsheet, or sew up an appendix. It is partly knowing the steps involved, the tools and tactics necessary to execute your duties effectively, and it is partly knowing your professional landscape well enough to be able to identify, prevent and solve the problems that crop up everyday.

Suitability:  All professions and industries develop a standard operating procedure for doing business, one that most efficiently encourages the generation of revenue.  This way of doing things leads to a common frame of reference, terminology and the development of widely understood shorthand/slang used by professionals in the field.

Understanding of all these factors supports efficiency and productivity. Knowing and showing that you understand “the way things get done in banking/agribusiness/pharmaceuticals,” without making a big deal of it, tells the interviewer you are suitable: that you will fit in and get up to speed without babysitting.

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