How to Quadruple Your Chances of an Interview

How to Quadruple Your Chances of an Interview

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The more ways you approach your target companies and hiring managers, the faster you will get into conversations with the people who can and will hire you. Let’s say you respond to a job posting by uploading your resume; that gives you one chance of getting an interview.
You can quadruple your chances of an interview if you also:
Identify a potential hiring manager and e-mail your resume directly to that manager by name with a personalized cover letter. This doubles your chances of an interview.
Send a resume and personalized cover letter to that same manager by traditional mail, and you will triple your chances of an interview. Don’t dismiss the idea of traditional mail. We all like a break from the computer screen, so delivering your sales message and resume this way can be very effective. When you do this, note in the cover letter that you sent the resume by e-mail and that this additional approach is because you are really interested in the company and “wanted to increase my chances of getting your attention.” Doing this demonstrates that you are creative, and not just a technological Neanderthal.

Make a follow-up telephone call to that manager, first thing in the morning, at lunchtime, or at 5 p.m. (when she is most likely to be available and picking up her own phone) and you will quadruple your chances of an interview. 

Remember, a successful job search is all about getting into conversations as quickly and as often as possible with people in a position to hire you. The more frequently you approach and get into conversation with managers whose job titles signify that they have the authority to hire you, the faster you will land that new position, because you have skipped right over the hurdle of being pulled from the commercial resume database; you have sidestepped the corporate recruiter’s evaluation process, and as a result you have the attention of the actual decision-maker and the chance to have a conversation, to make a direct and personal pitch.

Getting a resume to someone by name with a personalized pitch gives you a distinct advantage, which is never more important than when the economy is down or in recovery. At such times your competition is fierce and employers actually do recognize and appreciate the initiative and motivation you display by doing these things, especially picking up the phone and calling: All these approaches act as differentiating factors in your candidacy.

Up Your Odds – Multiple Submissions Within The Same Company 
You will sometimes find it valuable to make a number of contacts within a given company, especially the larger ones, to ensure that all the important players know of your existence. 

You wouldn’t necessarily send all these communications out at once but might rather spread them over a period of time. Keep a log of your e-mail (and mail) contacts so you will know when to follow up with a phone call—usually about two days after an e-mail and five days after a traditional letter; exclude Monday mornings from this count, as everyone is busy getting up to speed for the week.

Keep track of these contacts beyond the initial follow-up period. Resumes do get misplaced, and employment needs change. You can comfortably resend e-mails and traditional mail to everyone on your list every couple of months; when you do this, it isn’t necessary to remind them of earlier submissions. Most recipients won’t register that they heard from you, and of those who do, most won’t take offense. Any who might get upset are people who have no need for your professional skill set and whom you are therefore unlikely to run into anytime soon . . . so who cares?

You will continue to add to these lists of companies as you unearth fresh opportunities in your day-to-day research efforts, and as you identify new management titles within those companies. In both these approaches you respond to job postings and upload your resume to their corporate databases in the standard way. Then as your direct research and networking identifies specific individuals within these companies, you begin e-mail/mailing one or two contacts within the company. Repeat the e-mails/traditional letters to other contacts when your followup calls to these people result in referrals or dead ends. Remember, just because Harry in engineering says there are no openings in the company, that doesn’t make it so. Any one of the additional contacts you make within that company could be the person who is the person or who knows the person with the perfect job for you. Even when a company states it has a hiring freeze there are always, always exceptions. 

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