How to Develop Accomplishment Statements for Your Resume

How to Develop Accomplishment Statements for Your Resume

It’s a fact that people hire results (accomplishments and achievements) and look to past performance as an indication of the value you offer.

Here is a sample list of 12 questions relevant to hiring managers. Use it to refresh your memory about professional accomplishments and achievements for each position you’ve held.

You don’t need to provide answers to all these questions here. Rather, consider the various positions you’ve held and come up with 4–6 of the strongest contributions you made in each position. As you think about this, read through the questions to help stimulate your thinking. Above all, ask yourself how your current employer is better off now than when the company hired you.

How good are you at telling the story of your achievements?
How good are you at telling the story of your achievements?

  1. Did you increase sales/productivity/volume? Provide percentage or amount.
  2. Did you generate new business or increase client base? How? What were the circumstances?
  3. Did you forge affiliations, partnerships, or strategic alliances that increased company success? With whom, and what were the results?
  4. Did you save your company money? If so, how and by how much?
  5. Did you design and/or institute any new systems and procedures? If so, what were the results?
  6. Did you meet an impossible deadline through extra effort? If so, what difference did this make to your company?
  7. Did you bring a major project in under budget? If so, how did you make this happen? What was the budget? What were you responsible for saving in terms of time and/or money?
  8. Did you suggest and/or help launch a new product or program? If so, did you take the lead or provide support? How successful was the effort? What were the results?
  9. Did you assume new responsibilities that weren’t part of your job? Were they assigned or did you do so proactively? Why were you selected?
  10. Did you improve communication in your firm? If so, with whom, and what was the outcome?
  11. How did your company benefit from your performance?
  12. Did you complete any special projects? What were they and what was the result?

When describing your accomplishments/achievements, use the following three-step C.A.R. format:

C = Challenge (What challenge did you face or what problem did you resolve?)
A = Action (What action did you take?)
R = Results (What was the result of the action you took? What was the value to the company?)

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