How to Build a Social Network for Your Job Search

How to Build a Social Network for Your Job Search

The big problem with any job search is finding job openings, and a good percentage of the ones you come across won’t be quite right for you. Instead they will be right for someone 1-3 levels above you, beneath you, or in the department right next to yours.

But this big job search problem can be the solution to your biggest networking problem: the fact that you always have your hand out and never have much to offer in return. Those jobs that aren’t quite right for your needs are often going to be a match for exactly the people you reach out to in your networking efforts. Suddenly, you have something of real interest to offer networking contacts who could be in a position to help you.

This helps with another networking challenge: developing mutually rewarding relationships. When you bring something of value to a colleague in need, you are doing the right thing at no cost to yourself, and almost certainly increasing valuable leads for your search and building a reliable network for the future.

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