How to Become Your Resume

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Does your interview performance
tell the same story as your resume? 
Congratulations! You’re one of the few selected to interview for that dream job.  And that’s because you have a resume that works. It made it through the databases, and is also a compelling marketing document that resonated with human eyes. On paper, you’re the perfect candidate. So, how do you make the same impression in person?
In the time you have between setting the interview and sitting down to answer the first question, and running parallel to your other preparations, you have to become the professional persona that you have taken time and effort to capture. You have to become your resume. 

A Target Job Deconstruction (TJD) will give you insight into your target job and alert you to  areas of specific interest that will most likely fuel tricky interview questions. With forethought you will be able to answer those questions illustrate them with examples. You will also have a behavioral blueprint for professional success. If you have not done a TJD, you can DOWNLOAD FREE HERE.
Divide your time on a two-to-one ratio. For every hour you spend on the mechanics of preparation, researching the company, your route and means of travel, wardrobe preparation, etc., spend two hours with your resume and preparing for questions. For instance, if it takes two hours to research the company, invest four hours in reviewing everything that went into your resume; if it takes three hours to get your wardrobe together, invest six hours in reviewing interview questions and how you will respond; if it takes an hour to visit the hairdresser, invest two hours in comparing your resume to the job description. By the time you arrive at that job interview, you’ll not only know the stories that go with every line in your resume, you’ll also have complete recall of your professional career and what you bring to the table. You will know how each prioritized responsibility of the job supports the role it plays (TJD) within the department and in turn the small role it plays in the complex moneymaking machinery of the company. You will know why that job exists, the problems it is there to anticipate, prevent, and solve, and what the holder of this job title needs to do to shine in the role. 

This means:
  • Take the time to immerse yourself in each of the job’s itemized responsibilities, thinking through the many judgment calls you make every day, the professional values that help you make those calls correctly, and your logical handling of the challenges and problems that crop up in your work. 
  • With each of the itemized responsibilities in the TJD, you’ll have examples of the challenges you’ve tackled and the successes you’ve made, sometimes after everything went wrong and all seemed lost; and you’ll have instant knowledge of the lessons learned that have helped you grow and become better at your job and more rounded as a professional. 
  • Consider the specific transferable skills that help you execute each aspect of the job. You will have at least one example each of how you are developing technical skills and one of transferable skills. 
  • Review the behavioral profile for success. In the process, you will consciously identify the professional values that inform your actions as you go about your job every day. 
  • You’ll review the profile you identified for professional failure in your work. 

Time and again you’ll go through the job description for this job and your TJD, comparing them with the story told in your resume until you can relate any item or comment in your TJD and your resume to any item or comment in the job description. You’ll know why each responsibility exists, what it takes to do it well, and how people can screw it up. And as you do so, you’ll make an effort to recall the camaraderie and the laughs you had along the way as you lived these experiences, and these memories will help keep your personality alive as you interview, giving depth and dimension to your professional persona.

How has the TJD process helped you become your resume? Please post your comments below.

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