How Entry Level Professionals Can Tap Into The Hidden Job Market

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You glaze at your desktop cruising the job banks, wondering why you’re entering the second month of your job search and have yet to get a single bite. The problem could be that like most entry-level job hunters, you are confining yourself to the same low-risk and no-rejection strategies that everyone else does. 
A successful job search is all about getting into conversations as quickly and often as possible with people in a position to hire you. These conversations just won’t happen if, like all the other dummies, you rely on job sites, resume banks and your social media profile. Getting into conversation with the people who can influence your future is how you tap into the hidden job market, and get the jump on your competition.

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Professional Success Starts Here
You have already identified the most obvious potential employers by searching job banks and responding to job postings. But only a fool would think that all the possible employment opportunities are those you happen to see on the job banks you visit.  According to my colleague, Hannah Morgan, who’s known as the career sherpa at the website of the same name, “You need to identify the decision-makers of the department or company. Why do you keep sending resumes to HR? Do they control the budget?”

Hannah makes a good point, doing your own online research enables you to identify 99.9 percent of potential employers in any given profession, industry, and geographic area. If you are a recent graduate you can  probably find great company  research tools available through Career Services, online reference  services and  books in your local research library are also a great resource.  Identifying all the employers in a profession within a geographic area is what the hidden job market is all about: making your own opportunities.

Make the effort and you’ll find company websites and jobs that other job hunters will never find because they are not sincerely invested in professional success, and so will not make the effort. Once a target company is identified, you can use Knock Em Dead networking strategies to find the names of recruiters and hiring managers within these companies,  and get your resume  directly into the hands of the people with the authority to hire you.

The Hidden Job Market Is In Plain Sight
Tapping into this hidden job market is actually pretty straightforward. Online and local library–based resources are a valuable supplement to the information you gather about potential employers from job banks, job fairs, and networking. There are many great job-search tools that have been designed for other business uses, for example:
  1. Standard and Poor’s (S & P) ( is a major research tool designed for the financial services industry, but has been a godsend for millions of job seekers too. S & P identifies every publicly traded company in the world and indexes them by industry, location, products and services delivered, and in countless other ways. The information on individual companies is detailed, telling you what the company does, providing contact information, and including a listing of key executives at the VP level and above. They even have a database of executives organized by name, personal information (schools, graduation dates, interests, clubs, etc.), title, and contact information. Also available in print at your research library.
  2. , a Dun & Bradstreet company, has a website that identifies over eighty-five million companies and one hundred million people within those companies.
  3. charges you $1 for a specific title, name and contact information at a target company, and they’ll credit you $1 if you give them two names they don’t have.
You can use all these, and many similar resources to build an employer and job-search database for your industry/profession/ and target geography that will tap you directly into the hidden job market. Use Knock Em Dead networking strategies to identify who to speak to at these companies, and those who can give you introductions to them, and you can get into conversation quickly and frequently with exactly the people who will give you that first boost onto the ladder of success.

Tap into the hidden job market and discover the wealth of hidden opportunities that await await you when you take action to get what they want out of life. Find more practical tactics for tapping into the hidden job market in Knock Em Dead – Secrets & Strategies For First-Time Job Seekers.

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