How Do I Build A Strong Professional Brand?

How Do I Build A Strong Professional Brand?

Martin Yate CPC
NY Times Best-Seller
35 Years in Career Management

Change happens all by itself, but a successful career doesn’t – it’s the result of consistent effort over time, and like it or not, a big part of your professional success depends on the way others see you.

It’s common sense to manage your professional image and

you can rush to put lipstick on the proverbial pig, but your audience is made up of professional peers and superiors who will always see through to the truth.  So if you want branding to impact your success, the profile you present to your professional world must to amount to more than make-up: it must present a credible professional.

Ability is at the heart of every worthwhile professional brand, so an approach to career management that integrates skill building with the creation of a consistent public face is the recipe that leads to growing credibility and increased visibility; within your department, your company, and ultimately your profession. It’s the packaging that helps a reputation grow.
A growing reputation and a brand requires that you invest in building the skills, behaviors and values that are admired in your professional world. These range from the nuances of technical competence required in you profession, through those transferable skills and professional values (critical thinking and time management skills for example) that empower you to do whatever you do, to the way you smile and lend a hand without being asked.
Your brand is embodied in the way you consistently handle yourself in the professional world and in the stories your resume and social networking profiles offer to the world.
When you work to develop an identifiable brand, it gives you focus and motivation, and others an easy way to differentiate and remember you.
Start building your brand today, because the greater effort you put into establishing your professional credibility and visibility, the sooner you enter the inner circles that exist in every department, company and profession; and as you know, it is onlyin these inner circles that the plum assignments, raises and promotions are waiting.

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