Headed Back To School? Education Pays!

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Headed Back To School? Education Pays!

Some people can be successful without further education after high school. Example? Bill Gates walked out of Harvard. However, for most of us, the odds are against achieving the American Dream without benefit of a degree.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics research shows that over the span of your career with:
A high school diploma, you can expect to earn $1.2 million   
An AA degree, $1.6 million
A bachelor’s degree, $2.1 million
A masters, $2.5 million
A doctorate, $3.4 million
A professional degree, $4.4 million
Technology is rapidly changing the nature of all work, so if you don’t learn new skills every year, your skill set will become increasingly obsolete. At some point this will affect your employability and your pay scale.  Employers really appreciate people who invest in their future, and here’s some proof from the US Dept. of Education:
Of post-secondary students who enrolled in any AA degree program but didn’t graduate 48% got better job responsibilities and 29% got raises!
If they actually graduated, it gets even better: 71% gained improved job responsibilities and 63% got raises.
Even if you are already employed, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by being enrolled in a continuing education program. It looks good on your resume: enter under the Education section of your resume with a projected graduation date.
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