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You’re entering the world of work in the age of Facebook and Twitter, and as a recent graduate, you have an innate advantage over older job applicants: you grew up in the Internet era and understand it intuitively. You can leverage this knowledge by taking advantage of one of the most cutting-edge job search tools around: the video resume.

What’s a Video Resume?
A video resume is not meant to replace a traditional resume or social media profile, but to add another weapon to your arsenal. It is best used to demonstrate what you can’t show on paper: everyone can write about their superior

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 communication skills, amazing personality, and unparalleled professional drive, but a video gives you the opportunity to prove it. No one knows this better than Josh Tolan, video resume guru and CEO of “A video resume is a great way to set yourself apart. On video, you can show off the intangibles that don’t show on your traditional resume like personality, passion, and communication skills.”

Video resumes have been around for over thirty years and have never before played a meaningful role in job search, but with new technology, we are entering an era when the video resume—alongside your traditional resume and LinkedIn profile—will almost certainly come into its own as the third primary marketing tool. This is one instance where you can be on the cutting edge and display in-demand professionally desirable technical skills all at once.

What A Video Resume Does For You
To make the most of your video resume, you need to understand the story you have to tell and how it should be told. A video resume gives you an opportunity to look a recruiter in the eyes and tell her why you are the one. It’s a chance to tell the recruiter why you want and deserve that job more than other contenders. Given the basic skills, recruiters want to see passion and personality, and that intelligent enthusiasm I talk about in all my books and blogs, so the candidate who shows this drive immediately differentiates himself.

Don’t just repeat your resume on video: show and tell me why you’re different and better for the job. If I have resumes with similar qualifications—and I will—seeing and hearing you in a well-structured video resume, from a connecting hyper-link in your resume or social media profile, could well be the tiebreaker. 

Prepare Like It’s Hollywood
Obviously it’s not, but you cannot take presenting your professional persona to the world lightly, you need to think through the messaging carefully first. To Prepare for a video interview, you should deconstruct the job posting so you can figure out what skills the employer is looking for.  Josh can help you through what should go in and what should stay out, but if nothing more you want the video resume to capture the essence of the professional you and answer that most common and tricky of interview questions—“Tell me a little about yourself. ”—and come up with a condensed breakdown down of your skills and experiences into a 3-5 sentence professional branding statement, that you can take directly from the Performance Summary of your resume, so that talking about yourself is done in a way that focuses in what the employer would really like to hear. 

The Script
You can use this information to create a script, which is essentially an “elevator pitch” on why you should be hired. Your elevator pitch, is what you would tell a prospective employer if you had 45 seconds with her in an elevator to make your pitch. Open with a powerful, brief statement 15 second branding statement, then follow the outline of your print resume. Your video resume will make the same points as your resume, but I will see your professional dress and demeanor, hear your verbal communication skillsin action, and hopefully feel your intelligent enthusiasm.

Remember: less is more—this is not a movie production. A sixty-second self-directed video is all you need. As a recruiter, I want to see, in a direct, professional manner, why I should hire you. Look me in the eye (or in this case the camera lens) and tell me why you should be hired. Act as natural and personable as you would if I were sitting in the room there with you.
You can try this yourself, hire a video editor, or record a video resume on a webcam/IOS/Android mobile device and use the tools of a website like Josh Tolan’s (probably the premier and most caring company in this space) to make it shine. However you do it, you’d be foolish not to take advantage of this attention grabbing new tool with the potential to set you apart from your peers and make your resume come alive. For more insights on how to outperform the competition at a job interview, check out Knock Em Dead – Secrets & Strategies For First-Time Job Seekers.

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