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My gift to you April 13th - 19th
My gift to you April 13th – 19th

You can get a free copy of the Kindle version of  Knock Em Dead Job Interview this week on

If you are like 99.9% of all other professionals, you have less experience turning job interviews into job offers than you have with any other essential professional skill. Knock ’em Dead Job Interview will turn this weakness into strength, giving you a set of invaluable skills that you will use to sustain your professional growth and stability throughout the balance of your career.

You’ll learn how to prepare for job interviews and pick up tips for answering over 300 of the most frequently asked interview questions, including behavioral questions. You won’t get canned answers, but rather an explanation of the thinking behind each question, and a preparation methodology that ensures you’ll always know how best to answer truthfully and effectively.


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With no filler and not a word wasted, Knock ’em Dead Job Interview answers hundreds of questions and every page is packed with tactics that will work for you at any job interview.  You’ll learn how to prepare  for interviews, how to turn phone interviews into face-to-face interviews, and how to dress for success on the big day. Interview shows you how to turn job interviews into job offers and paychecks, increasing your professional success and financial stability.

Click HERE to download your FREE copy today. Please tell your friends and share the offer with your social networks – the offer expires at Midnight on April 19th.

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“He’s really just about the best in the business.”

-ALL Business, Dun & Bradstreet

“No job hunter can afford to bypass the Knock ’em Dead books.”

-Tony Lee Wall Street Journal

“I truly respect Martin Yate’s work. His Knock ’em Dead job search books have set a standard for clear and effective advice.”

-Amy Lindgren, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“Martin is brilliant when it comes to his depth and breadth of expertise, he stands above the rest when it comes to his knowledge of career issues.”

-Chris Duncan, Director – Customer Operations,

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