Gathering Information For Your Resume

In the process of examining your work history, you will generate a mass of notes and an intimate awareness of yourself as a professional. This great mass is the raw material of your professional persona, like the sculptor’s block of stone, at which they chip away to reveal the masterpiece that has been hiding there all along.

The more notes you have, the better. Just remember that whatever you write in the note-making part of your resume preparation will never suffer public scrutiny: it is for your private consumption only. Don’t let the necessity of getting it done or the fear of others’ judgment cramp the creative process of capturing information. The final product can only ever be as good as the components from which you assemble it. Not all the information you discover will make it into your résumé, but all the rest will have an equal value in preparing you for the interview cycle. Remember that 50 percent of the success of any project is in the careful preparation—and this is where you are doing the spadework.

To gather the raw materials for your resume, download the Knock ’em Dead Information Gathering Questionnaire (MS Word doc) and save it to a resume sub-folder within your career-management folder. Add all the self-revelatory information you have gathered to date and that you will gather from further exercises into this folder.

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