Friday's 60 Seconds To Change Your Resume and Your Life

Friday’s 60 Seconds To Change Your Resume and Your Life

Friday’s  60 Second Resume Tactic
Core Competencies

Follow your Performance Profile with a Core Competency section. This section will contain all the words and phrases that are used in the job postings that describe your work. List all the words and phrases that describe your professional skill set. Layout your professional competencies in three columns for maximum visibility, use four columns if you have space constraints.
The Core Competency section captures all the skills you bring to a target job at near the top of your resume and this is an important consideration for search engine visibility, and for recruiter access. Search engines value keywords near the top of a document so this helps your resume’s performance in the resume databases, plus every keyword or phrase you use succinctly captures a skill that helps recruiters quickly determine your abilities.

You then have the option to repeat the words captured in Core Competency section within the context of each of the jobs where those particular skills were applied. This improves your resume’s ranking in database searches and gives recruiters and hiring managers greater clarity on your capabilities.

Put these five components together

  • Focus on a specific job
  • Think like your customers
  • Give your resume a Target Job title
  • Offer a Performance Profile
  • Include Core Competencies

This will improve its database performance and such an opening to a resume tells any reader you can do the job and you “get” what is truly important.

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