Five Secrets of the Hire – Third Secret – The Transferable Skills That Underlie Professional Success

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Successful professionals are simply people who crack the code of professional success and apply what they learn. There is, in fact, a set of transferable skills and professional values common to all jobs, which help you do your job well.


The Third Secret: The Transferable Skills That Underlie Professional Success
Transferable skills and professional values are the foundation of all professional success, informing your actions, judgment, ethics, and interaction with others. What are they and how should you apply them to your job search?


The Transferable Skills 

Critical Thinking 

The Professional Values 

Motivation and Energy

Commitment and Reliability
Pride and Integrity

Systems and Procedures 
You see these words and phrases in job postings all the time; they are so common that they often seem to have lost all meaning. In fact, they are the skills and values that help you do whatever it is you do, well. 

It is your embodiment of these transferable skills and professional values in everything you do that conveys professional competence; they are the skills that build reputations and success. They get you hired, get you noticed, land you top assignments, and lead to promotions and raises; they enable you to succeed in all your professional endeavors because they are the building blocks of success.

When you show your possession of transferable skills and professional values at job interviews, you give your answers substance, the ring of truth, and a tone that chimes p-r-o-f-e-s-s-i-o-n-a-l. Be sure to read the compete series, The Five Secrets of the Hire.

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    This is a must read for anyone who is in career transition. I learned all about the topic several years ago when wanting to make a career change and determining that you have skills you didn’t realize you have already developed is one of the key things when writing a new resume and interviewing for new positions.