Expert Tips to Turn Your Resume Into a Performer

Expert Tips to Turn Your Resume Into a Performer

Half of the success of your job search depends on your ability to adapt the packaging and presentation of your resume in ways that respond to recruitment strategies. Your goal is to get your resume pulled from the resume databases and for it to score with human eyes. To effectively market your resume you must:

Understand customer needs
Instead of just updating your resume, with what you think best describes the “professional you,” learn how employers prioritize and describe the needs of your target job. Do this and you’ll know the story your resume must tell to get results. Additionally, you’ll learn where the questions will be headed at job interviews and because you are beginning to look at this job from the employer’s perspective, you will have real substance for your answers.

Have a job-targeted resume
A resume describing all you have done is too unfocused to communicate quickly and clearly with readers, and it won’t get pulled from the resume databases. The resume that works best today is one that makes a clear match between your skills and employers’ stated needs for a specific job.

Are you sure your resume is working?
Are you sure your resume is working?

When your resume focuses on a single target job and tells the story that best qualifies you for that job, you directly respond to employers’ needs and your resume will become a more productive marketing tool.

Always use a Target Job Title
No one ever reads an article or a book without first being attracted by the title, but 80% of resumes go straight from contact information to a Summary or Objective, without any attempt to give the reader focus.

A clear Target Job Title, coming right after your contact information helps resume performance in database searches, because it uses words likely to be used in the search and it gives the reader immediate focus, “ah this fits the need I’m trying to fill.”

Replace Career Objective with a Performance Profile
Replace Career Objective with a Performance Profile that focuses specifically on the skills you bring to your Target Job Title. Whenever possible use words and phrases common to your captured job postings. Apart from enhancing database performance, for the reader it concisely summarizes your abilities for the target job and it’s a compelling review of goodies to come.

Add a Professional Core Competency section
This is a list of keywords that describe your hard skills. It demonstrates you have the hard skills to back up your Performance Profile.

The result is a reader who says, “I’m only half way down the first page and already I see she understands and has the tools do this job.”

The Core Competency section also tells you the keywords words that need to be repeated in the body of your resume to put them in context and, of course, to maximize database performance.

Tell the complete story on the first page
Resumes get a first-time reading that ranges from five to forty-five seconds and 90% of that time is spent on the first page. To tell the complete story quickly, create that composite job description so you understand employers’ priorities for your target job so the reader has a concise picture of the professional you and every reason to move forward with confidence.

Abandon the one-size-fits-all resume
We are all capable of doing more than one job, but a general resume that captures everything you have done over the years doesn’t work anymore. When there is more than one possible job for you and prioritize the different jobs you can do. Then build a prime resume focused on the job where you have the greatest capabilities and credentials and a new a resume for each additional job.

Project professionalism with your emails
Every resume needs a hyperlinked email address, but an email address like will not build professional credibility. Create a new email address that has a more professional tone, like to give your communications a stronger voice. Consider starting a new email address exclusively dedicated to job search.

Knock Em Dead Tip: When choosing your new email provider, keep in mind that a Gmail email address is free and automatically gets you a Google+ account, which is another avenue you can use for networking and job search. (GET STARTED HERE)

Even in tough times there are still millions of jobs being advertised. If you’re not sure your resume is performing, and that means, getting you interviews, you should consider investing in a professionally written resume or the proper tools and education for reviving your DIY resume into one that will work. Your resume is the key to your financial future and if it works, you will work. If it doesn’t, you won’t.

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