Encore Presentation “How to Turn Interviews Into Job Offers” Thursday Afternoon & Evening

Martin Yate CPC
NY Times Bestseller
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We are offering encore presentations of our FREE Knock Em Dead job search webcasts with afternoon and evening sessions. Join me Thursday for “How To Turn Job Interviews Into Job Offers”

The ability to turn job interviews into job offers is the most important professional skill you can develop. Why? A great resume gets your foot in the door, but that’s only half the battle. Competition for jobs is tougher than ever before and you’ve got know how to outperform your competitors and demonstrate that you are the best candidate for the position. You’ve got to understand what hiring mangers want and know how to effectively communicate that you can deliver. 
Join me and learn the Knock Em Dead interview techniques:

  • How to prepare for every job interview.
  • Why you must separate professional from the personal persona.
  • How to get inside the interviewer’s head.
  • Learn exactly who and what the employer will hire.
  • The 5 secrets behind every hire ever made.
  • The transferable skills all employers seek.
  • How interviews are structured and how this can help you.
  • Accurately predict the question topics and the questions.
  • How to have great answers ready for any interview question.
  • Which questions to ask to advance your candidacy.
  • Which questions never to ask.
  • When to talk about money and benefits.
  • Why and how to ask for the job.
 I’ll teach you tactics that work so you can work!


How To Turn Interviews Into Job Offers
Afternoon or evening options to fit 
your schedule:

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