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The body of work is unparalleled. His 17 career books, published in 83 domestic editions and 62 foreign language editions, unfold a new and unique approach to the successful management of your career and have been praised around the world as the “gold standard” for success in a cutthroat professional world.

Doctors save lives, N.Y. Times Bestseller Martin Yate, CPC makes them worth living.

Martin is committed to giving you practical, no-nonsense advice you can begin using today to change your tomorrows forever. With actionable advice on every page, the Knock Em Dead books unfold a new approach to career management that replaces mindless, unrewarded loyalty to employers with a focus on your personal survival and success and dedicated to helping you get what you deserve out of life.

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Knock Em Dead – The Job Search Guide

Knock Em Dead Ultimate Job Search Guide 2017

Time tested and updated every year, this is the global gold standard for job search in today’s world

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Knock Em Dead – Resumes 12th Edition

Knock Em' Dead Resumes

The renowned classic is packed practical advice on every page, plus over 100 resume examples

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Knock Em Dead – Resumes & Templates

Knock Em' Dead Resume Templates

Latest edition of the classic resume book plus 110 Microsoft Word resume templates ready to use

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Knock Em Dead – Cover Letters

Knock Em' Dead Resume Templates

New edition of the classic for writing cover letters, plus over 120 examples for every job search situation

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Knock Em Dead – Job Search Letters & Templates

Job Search Letters Templates

The 11th edition of the classic letters book plus 120 MS Word letter templates

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Knock Em Dead – Job Interview – Get More Offers

Job Interview

Success in life starts with opportunity, learning how to turn job interviews into job offers delivers it

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Knock Em Dead – Social Networking For Your Success

Secrets and Strategies

How to build relevant social networks for job search and long term career success

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Knock Em Dead – Secrets & Strategies For Success In An Uncertain World

Secrets and Strategies

A compact version of all the previous books integrating advice on the new career management

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Knock Em Dead – For First-Time Job Seekers

First Time Job Seekers

How to make a fast start on your career & achieve long-term professional success

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Knock Em Dead – Professional Communication

Professional Communication

How to improve your communication skills with an audience of one or one thousand

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Knock Em Dead – Breaking Into Management

Breaking into management

Learn what it takes to break into management and survive long enough to succeed

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Knock Em Dead – Hiring the Best

Knock Em' Dead's Hiring The Best

Managers get work done through others, learn How to hire and manage successfully

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Knock Em Dead – Job Search Super Charger Pak.

The Job Search Supercharger!

With just these two books you can quadruple your job interviews and job offers

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Knock Em Dead – Job Search & Career Mgmt. Pak.

207 ULTIMATE eBook Collection Package

The essential books you need to navigate the twists and turns of a long career

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The Complete Knock Em Dead Career Library Pak.

College Career Services Library Package

When others depend on your knowledge: The ultimate career reference library

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What The Customers Say

“I just wanted to say thank you! After reading your book and following its precepts, I got my dream job within two months! (And I’ve been searching for almost a year!)”
– J. B. D.

“I landed a job that was over double the salary of my previous job, on the same day as I interviewed, which is very, very rare in a state job. Knock ’em Dead really says it all. I was able to negotiate to the absolute top end of the starting pay [because] of my resume, cover letter, and interview, and the chapter on salary negotiations. Your book was extremely helpful in presenting the best part of me.”
– S. J., Kansas

“The interviews nowadays are much tougher than they were four or five years ago. I am so thankful that I had heard about you! I heard of your books right after I bombed out on three interviews. I read and studied it. The first interview that I went on after doing this ended up in a job being offered to me! The interviewer told me that I was the best interviewee she’d seen! Thanks a million for writing your book.”
– K. P., Houston, TX

“Your book changed my life!! It really did. It shaped the way that I went about getting back into the workforce and the way that I see myself and what I bring to a company. Thank you!”
— R., Littleton, CO‬‬‬

“One of my most-admired authors in the career advice space. Martin always challenges me to think about career development issues in new and innovative ways.”
– The Wall Street Journal’s Alexandra Levitt on her Water Cooler Wisdom blog

“I’m a graduating senior from Johnson & Wales University. I read your book, Knock ’em Dead, which has helped me score many offers in just the past weeks.”
– D. T., Hong Kong–bound

“I have used the UK version of Knock ’em Dead to successfully improve my career prospects. This is the best job-hunting book on the market bar none; keep up the good work.”
– P.B. London, UK

“Knock ’em Dead: The Ultimate Job Search Guide inspired me. I have turned my job search into multiple interviews and offers in just a couple of months. The motivation and positive energy will steer you to stay focused on getting the best job offer! Thank you, Martin!”
– E. R., New York, NY

“Knock Em Dead has been a rock in turbulent emotional waters. It is amazing to see the changes that have occurred so far, I can’t wait to see what comes next.”
– R. L.

“I was helped immensely by the resume book. The Knock Em Dead books all truly changed the direction my life took and gave confidence.”
– E.C

“I paid Monster to write a resume. The resume they wrote was not getting me anywhere. I followed each step in Knock em Dead Resumes, went for the interview yesterday and I got a job of my dreams.”
– K. G.

“My husband was having trouble finding a job. He has put your books to work and within 24 hours of replacing his new resume on several job search websites, he has had 5 calls from recruiters and one call from an individual company.”
– S.H.

“I was sending out hordes of resumes and hardly getting a nibble—and I have top-notch skills and experience in my field. When I read your book, however, my few nibbles increased to so many job interviews I could hardly keep up with them!”
– C.S.

We’ve been doing this for a really long time, so naturally people talk

Management Recruiter

Thousands of candidates have thanked me for referring them to the Knock Em Dead series.

Senior Project Manager

As someone who has personally succeeded due to Mr. Yates’ guidance on four occasions, I personally recommend his books.

Insurance Professional

Martin is the expert’s expert in his field. No one that has the depth of understanding of how to approach a job search like Martin. I highly recommend him.

Career Management Author

Martin Yate was instrumental in creating the contemporary career and employment industry as we know it. His books are the benchmark that we strive to meet.‬