What’s life’s most valuable professional skill?

Your ability to put food on your table and keep a roof over your head.
The way we do this in the modern world is with a job, so that makes your
most valuable professional skill the ability to turn job interviews into job offers.

What’s your greatest professional weakness?

Same answer – you have less experience developing this skill than almost anything else you dl in your career. It’s time to turn this critical weakness into a life-saving strength.

Job Interview

With Knock Em Dead Interview you’ll learn:

  • Who interviewers hire and why
  • How to build killer answers to over 250 tough interview questions
  • Walk away with the skills to consistently turn interviews into offers
  • Develop critical skills to accelerate your career success.
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Martin’s Endorsements

hp4“You can learn so much from him, he’s so wise. It would be difficult to find someone who embodies the spirit of “Doing What Works” better than Martin does. ”
– Maureen Anderson syndicated radio host

“Your book changed my life!! It really did. It shaped the way that I went about getting back into the workforce and the way that I see myself and what I bring to a company. Thank you!”
— R., Littleton, CO‬‬‬

“I just wanted to say thank you! After reading your book and following its precepts, I got my dream job within two months! (And I’ve been searching for almost a year!)”
– J. B. D.

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Knock Em Dead – Resumes & Templates

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