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Your resume is the face you choose to show to your professional world, it defines who you are and what you have to offer. Done right, a resume opens the doors of opportunity that lead to a successful, stable and fulfilling life.
Done wrong, those same opportunities pass you by until one day you look back and wonder, “What happened to my dreams of success?” Successful careers never happen by accident, so with your personal stability and professional future at stake, maybe you should think about a professional resume writer.

At Knock Em Dead professional resume writing services we take the time to determine how best to package your professional credentials, so your resume opens more doors, to more and job opportunities, in less time.

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Check out the endless, unsolicited endorsements on every page of my website. My credentials are a matter of public record- the world over. Yet more importantly, I am here for you. I have a small team of senior credentialed resume writers ready to ease your transition, while building your skills and confidence.

Martin Yate CPC New York Times bestseller Martin Yate is the author of Knock Em Dead – The Ultimate Job Search Guide, now going into its 32nd edition. It is the keystone of a 17-book series, with each book addressing a different aspect of job search and modern career management.

Collectively published in some 63 foreign language editions, the Knock Em Dead way is unique in its scope and global acceptance in industrialized nations.

With new books and editions added constantly over the last thirty-one years, Mr. Yate’s body of work has gradually evolved into a carefully integrated strategy for navigating the twists and turns of a half-century work life.

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